India’s Public Safety Act (PSA) imposed in 1978 allows for administrative detention up to two years without formal charges or a trial. Those arrested, including young boys, can be held in Indian prisons hundreds of miles from their families. Apartheid South Africa had a similar law which it used against anti-apartheid activists & Israel uses a similar law against Palestinians. The PSA is used to incarcerate thousands of activists in Kashmir, especially young boys accused of stone pelting.

This article describes how 63-year-old Mohammad Yaseen Dar was arrested under the PSA because he has ‘been of a fundamentalist bent of mind since his childhood’ & is ‘likely to worsen the prevailing situation’. God bless Mohammad for remaining steadfast since his youth in opposing colonial occupation but one of our demands must be for the elimination of the PSA in Kashmir & the rest of India because it is an arrant violation of the fundamental principles of due process.–tToPOOb2j7xo