So Abhijit Iyer-Mitra, the writer of that Indian propaganda crap in The Print about Shia in Kashmir supporting Modi, turns out to be a real piece of work. Unfortunately for him, he’s no intellectual match for Kashmiris who only in the past week have shredded his ass twice & made him look like chopped Hindutva liver. On September 26th, The Print published an odious thing by him titled “I went to meet pellet gun victims in Soura, the new epicentre of Kashmir’s anger.” Is The Print ever going to recover from publishing this kind of trash? They’re like the Indian version of Counterpunch.

In only a matter of days, on October 1st, Nawal Watali refuted his trash with an article titled “Kashmir pellet wounds not superficial: the story Abhijit Iyer-Mitra didn’t report.” She did not merely refute his article; she kicked his ass, including reporting that he drove around an occupation zone in a chauffeur-driven car. Given the misogyny he expressed in his Soura article, it must have smarted like hell to have a woman shred him so publicly. On the other hand, a guy who can write such callous, heartless propaganda probably hasn’t got enough self-awareness to have a sense of shame.