A new friend launched into a long thingy against Sunnis & Shia, arguing that they are not true Muslims but rather a ‘perverted version of Islam’. Since I still can’t get the theological differences between Christian or between Jewish denominations, I don’t presume to understand those within Islam. What I do know is that colonial powers exploit theological differences, especially if there are class distinctions involved, to maximize a divide & conquer strategy. What I do know is that Khurram Parvez once said that in Kashmir, Sunnis, Shia, Wahabi, & others march together for azaadi. It’s likely India, with the help of its colonial allies, will attempt to maximize conflict between Muslim denominations & with Hindus in Kashmir, probably bringing up the Wahabi/Salafi thing. The last thing Kashmiris need now is someone who doesn’t get that & who wants to create a theological environment that greases the wheels for political exploitation. The ill-fated friendship didn’t last.