Don’t know why The Print is reporting that Modi returned from the US with accolades from his fascist cohorts but with ‘no trade deal, no Kashmir win, no investment’. The US remains India‚Äôs largest trading partner in goods & services, increased from US$126 billion in 2017 to US$142 billion in 2018. The day Modi landed in the US, the Indian liquified natural gas company Petronet signed a $7.5 billion deal with with Texas-based Tellurian liquified natural gas company. Texas politicians didn’t line up at the Howdy Modi show to kiss Modi’s ass & hundreds of companies didn’t bankroll it out of respect for Modi. They don’t deal in respect. They are looking at investments in & big profits from India & Kashmir.

As for that ‘no Kashmir win’, as Indian activist Satyadeep Satya pointed out, all that ‘war on terror’ crap at the UN peddled by everyone from Modi to Trump to Ardern was all about justifying genocide in Kashmir as a fight against ‘radical Islamic terrorism’.
Modi did not return home empty-handed. But the mission of Kashmiri solidarity is to make the visions of grandeur swimming in his little pea brain turn to naught by protests, rallies, educational forums, & a consumer & cultural boycott of India.

#StandWithKashmir #BoycottIndia