When Palestinians were blitzed by Israeli bombers for seven weeks in 2014, over a million people around the world marched over & over again in protests led & organized by Muslim activists. When the Rohingya were sustaining a blood-thirsty genocide at the hands of the Burmese Army in 2017, millions around the world protested, again led & organized by Muslim activists even in countries where they are mercilessly persecuted. Now, when Kashmiris are enduring a genocidal occupation, including the arrests & torture of 13,000 children, Muslims are again leading & organizing protests around the world. Get now what’s behind the Muslim-hating ‘war on terror’ in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, the Philippines, Burma, India, the Central African Republic, Sri Lanka, & the whipping up of hatred & fear against Muslims in the rest of the world? Those who support human rights & oppose war, occupation, genocide owe Muslims tribute, not vilification, for leading the way in the struggle for human freedom. Amen.