All criminally stupid hopes for Trump’s mediation between India & Pakistan over Kashmir (as if Kashmir’s struggle for self-determination against Indian colonial occupation were an incidental) have just been savaged by his declaration of unity with India in fighting “radical Islamic terrorism” in Kashmir. That’s the approach the US (& eventually those countries who have stood silent on the siege) are going to take to justify & support genocide in Kashmir. It is deeply troubling & outright terrifying what is in store for our brothers & sisters in Kashmir if we do not sustain our campaigns & seriously build boycott India. We are looking at an Idlib scenario, an Arakan state, Gaza & West Bank scenario.

‘Radical Islamic terrorism’ does not exist in Kashmir but if required India & its allies will make sure they import it. Our work is absolutely vital & must remain consistent, massive, unrelenting. That is not alarmism speaking but Muslim experience in war, occupation, genocide under the guise of the ‘war on terror’.