It’s not my place to be sectarian on behalf of the Kashmiri people but I choose not to share the videos & interviews with Iltija Javed, the daughter of former chief minister of J&K & Indian collaborator Mehbooba Mufti. Mufti is jailed in a luxury suite while Kashmiri fighters for azaadi suffer torture in the Indian gulag. It’s likely that India is having Mufti play the martyr so they can groom her as a moderate leader in full cooperation with the conquest of Kashmir. Javed is a young woman & maybe she’s sincere. Maybe she doesn’t realize the criminality of her mother who during her tenure as chief minister allowed the arrests, torture, forcible disappearance, & use of pellet guns that injured thousands of Kashmiris. But I really don’t want to be involved in any dog & pony show that helps to rebuild the image of Mehbooba Mufti as a leader rather than as the monster that she is. I don’t speak for Kashmiris on that score; just for my own skepticism.