Lydia Wilson, an Oxford & Cambridge research fellow well known for her writings on Syria, has just published a scathing review of Assadist Max Blumenthal’s book “The Management of Savagery” published by Verso. It could not be more excoriating, taking Verso to task for irresponsibly publishing a book which Wilson claims would require a book of its own to detail the many factual errors. Malicious, egregious, & fabricated errors. Blumenthal’s political style is petulant, ad hominem stuff. He’s out of his league in actually discussing politics beyond his Assadist mantra “US regime-change operation” & his vilification of mass social movements for democracy. So he resorts to rich kid tantrums, a style which probably works very well within Assad’s millionaire boys & girls club but not very well in adult political discussions about war & genocide in Syria. His defense of the book on Twitter against Wilson’s critique is the same petulant genre. It’s not clear how either Blumenthal or Verso will be able to refute the review. His usual style is to dig up or invent dirt on his opponents & circulate it among his little posse of sycophants & Assad apologists. In the not so long run, Blumenthal is toast. It’s possible he will take Verso with him. Verso’s choice.