This article in the Houston Chronicle on the eve of Modi’s arrival for the Hindutva hate fest this Sunday puts a big damper on the event. He hoped it would be a triumphal propaganda moment & Kashmiri activists & their supporters have turned it into a shambles. Hindutva fangirl Tulsi Gabbard withdrew from doing her aloha schtick & fawning over him, along with other politicians. Kashmiri & Sikh activists filed the lawsuit making front page news in Houston. Indian media is claiming that ‘shadowy’ forces are organizing a mass movement to disrupt the event but now it is learned that the Indian government is bankrolling much of the event, not just American Hindutvavadis. A mass #StandWithKashmir protest at the event is the last thing Modi & his gang wanted.

Trump will be speaking at the rally & we can be sure that Texas politicians, including the governor & senators, will be there because there is considerable commerce between Texas & India at stake. As we know from the concentration camps for refugees all over Texas, human rights mean absolutely nothing to them. Some of them have even tried to associate refugee children with prostitution & drug trafficking. There’s no hope for such creeps. But #BoycottIndia will have a strong impact on their deranged psyches.