Indian officials & media are making asses of themselves in their propaganda war to justify the siege & blockade of Kashmir. But they can hire public relations firms to teach them how to do it without looking foolish. It’s going to get a lot harder & you can see the beginnings of how they’ll approach it. Columbia University has invited Indian journalist & Modi apologist Barkha Dutt to be on an upcoming panel. She’s the one who said Kashmiri terrorists use children as human shields & blamed children themselves for the occupation by saying they joined protests honoring terrorists.

The NY Times published an opinion piece today by the Indian ambassador to the US titled “India Is Building a More Prosperous Kashmir.” You would think in this era of paranoia about fake news that the NY Times would be more circumspect about publishing arrant propaganda & war mongering–though it never has shown reservations about publishing fake news about Palestinians & Israeli colonialism. Although the powers that be may be skeptical about whether or not the siege is a blunder on India’s part, they can see the problems Kashmiri solidarity presents to ‘war on terror’ campaigns & wars & the threat presented by growing unity between Kashmiri, Palestinian, & Rohingya solidarity,

Hindutva nationalists are not all as stupid as the Modi gang & with the help of public relations firms will be developing propaganda, especially through media & academic venues, that is as slick as Zionists have created to justify colonialism & genocide. We have our work cut out for us in what is a life & death struggle for the future of humanity.