If you go to the Facebook wall of Resistance Axis Kashmir, you can find several remarkable videos of protests in Kashmir, some in Srinagar, others outside the capital city. The men are wearing black because the protests on September 10th are during the 10-day long period of Muharram/Ashura, an Islamic mourning commemoration. Even with a million troops, India is going to have ferocious resistance to colonial occupation & genocide.


Latest video from Budgam, Kashmir.My faith is being devoted to the household of Prophet Muhammad saww, And my doctrine is loving the prophet's household Shame for the Tyrant and and honour for meI am Hussaini, a proud Kashmiri Ya Shaheed e Ya Abbas, Naarayi Haidari, Labbaik Ya Hussain gives me strength, boost my morals! And I fear no one except Allah!#Muharram2019#Pray4Kashmir#KashmirBleedsUNSleeps

Posted by Resistance Axis Kashmir on Sunday, 15 September 2019

#StandWithKashmir #BoycottIndia