“Day 40/Kashmir Blockade

“Many students in Kashmir after clearing various entrance exams couldn’t finalize their admissions due to nonfunctioning internet/phone. They have lost a year! Students outside state cant reach their parents for pocket money, semester fee, rent. An entire semester for Kashmiri students in Uni’s, colleges & schools is in jeopardy!

“In one instance a Kashmiri student was seriously ill, on ventilator and “Kashir Scientist” along with other individuals raised funds for his hospital bills. His parents couldn’t be reached on time. Absence of transport has made the commute impossible. People are literally walking miles to reach hospitals, pharmacies, and food stores. Piles of garbage are on the streets, with SMC nonfunctional, there is bad odor with the possibility of serious health hazards.

“All IT companies in Kashmir moved out of state, employees told to move or quit! Many IT people who work from home due to family-related issues had to move forcefully including my own brother!

“Absolute chaos!”

–Kashmiri Tafheem Masoodi, September 11th, 2019