Maybe some are thinking it’s too much about Kashmir too much of the time. You make a commitment to solidarity, you stick to it. You stand steadfast with those on the front lines of oppression facing down nearly one-million war-equipped trigger-happy, pellet shooting soldiers engaging in nighttime home invasions to kidnap kids, make mass arrests, sexual assaults & humiliations, torture, disappearances. If we were in that situation, we would not consider there was ever too much solidarity. Thinking ahead, we would understand that today it’s Kashmiris (Palestinians, Rohingya, Syrians, Afghans, Uyghur, West Papuans) & if we don’t stop them, tomorrow it will be us. That ‘they came for the Kashmiris & I was not a Kashmiri so I did not speak out…then they came for me’ thing is real. The iron law of social transformation is ‘an injury to one is an injury to all’ though the Quran puts that much more poetically.