Following the lead of Russian state-owned media, Assadists & Stalinists are making quite a stink about Hong Kong protest leader Joshua Wong meeting White Helmets director Raed Al Saleh at the Bild100 Fest in Germany. Like that’s a bad thing!? Being fools, they’re trying to build a conspiracy around the encounter, suggesting a ‘color revolution’ in the making which is another of their terms for a ‘US regime-change operation’. Good lord, but they make a mockery of politics. The meeting between Wong & Al Saleh was an encounter between freedom fighters to be welcomed by human rights activists everywhere.

The BILD100-Fest 2019 was dedicated to the fight for freedom in Hong Kong, the struggles against dictatorship & oppression around the world & for democracy & freedom. Does Russia really want to come out publicly & oppose all that? There’s really no need for such admissions since their aggression in Ukraine & annexation of Crimea, their carpet bombing of civilians in Syria, their arming & support for the Rohingya genocide & for the siege & blockade of Kashmir tell us everything we need to know about Russian politics. Russiagate & meddling in the US elections is chump change compared to those monstrous crimes.

(Photo is left to right, White Helmets director Raed Al Saleh, Iranian-Austrian political activist Mina Ahadi, Hong Kong protest leader Joshua Wong, & Kiev Mayor Vitali Klitschko by Hannibal Hanschke/Reuters)