Stop Genocide is circulating a petition to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation titled “Gates, Do Not Award Modi,”–appealing to what it calls “the world’s foremost philanthropic organization…which sets the moral tone for the global humanitarian community”–not to give Modi their highest honor this month when he tours the US.

The Gates Foundation is not politically naive. Bill Gates, Sr., who runs the foundation was a central figure in the Preston Gates & Ellis law firm (now K&L Gates), one of the top corporate lobbying firms in the world. We know what the Gates Foundation says it does, just as we know about the pro bono humanitarian work that K&L Gates says it does. But mostly we know about the population control/eugenics programs the Gates Foundation is involved in primarily in African & South Asian countries. Its racist & white supremacist eugenics programs, including in India, may not negate the work the foundation does to combat malaria but it brings everything they do under scrutiny & certainly eliminates them as ‘setting the moral tone for the global humanitarian community’.

(PS: I can’t bring myself to flattering the Gates Foundation by signing the petition but those who want to can find the damn thing on line.)