The growing realization of affinities between the struggles of Kashmiris & Palestinians do not involve a competition or divided loyalties between the two solidarity movements. In fact, it will strengthen both freedom struggles by creating unity in action with Kashmiri & Palestinian speakers at rallies, panels, forums, united actions of all kinds. This new unity can give a double whammy to both the BDS & Boycott India movements, & even a triple whammy when combined & integrated with the boycott of Burma called by Rohingya solidarity activists. Those struggles are of a piece against the hateful gestalt of Islamophobic wars, occupations, genocides & in our solidarity actions, Kashmiri, Palestinian, Rohingya, Uyghur, Syrians can make their affinities absolutely clear & in the process strengthen all of their freedom struggles. If we do this right, there can be a new day dawning for suffering humanity everywhere.