There are hundreds of photos going back years of Kashmiri women protesting the occupation & also holding weekly rallies against forcible disappearances. This protest of women is from August 23rd, just eight days ago. So maybe when India claims the situation in Kashmir is ‘normal’, what they mean is that moving in nearly a million troops, arresting thousands of activists, abducting children on nighttime home invasions, threatening rape & sexually assaulting women, shooting pellet guns at unarmed protesters, starving out the population, denying them medical care, & the telecommunication blockade have not stopped those damn protesters. They just keep coming & the one-million war-equipped Indian soldiers cannot daunt them.

Boycott India! Call for the immediate, unconditional withdrawal of all Indian troops, the immediate release of all political prisoners, & the immediate cessation of pellet guns in Kashmir.

(Photo from Getty Images)