There is a report today that armed militants shot & killed a shopkeeper in Srinagar for keeping his shop open. Since there are war-equipped Indian soldiers every few feet & checkpoints all over the city where pedestrians are continually frisked & where even ambulances can’t move freely, it is highly unlikely that militants carrying even small arms are able to get about the city, let alone get away after shooting a shopkeeper. That report should be filed under “Lies the Indian Army tells about Kashmiris.”

The Indian Army is going to try the same malignant divide & conquer crap in Kashmir that the US & European colonial powers have done for decades in the Middle East, with Iraq being the matrix & very training ground. Using collaborators & undercover operatives, they will attempt to foster dissension between the different denominations of Islam & between Muslims, Sikhs, & Pandits. Kashmiri human rights leader Khurram Parvez once pointed out that in Kashmir, Sunni, Shia, Wahabi, & other religious groups march as one against the occupation. Not if the Indian Army can help it. Divide & conquer will be their fundamental strategy. The primary force against that is the experience, judgement, brilliance of Kashmiri resistance, both its activists & leaders. It won’t be that easy because Kashmiris will not willingly be played against each other & know the score from seeing divide & conquer played out in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, & elsewhere.