The European Union Commitee of Foreign Affairs in the European Parliament has a meeting scheduled this Monday to exchange views on Kashmir. Wow, that’ll really get things going! Some European governments will go from complete silence/collusion to ‘taking notice’, ‘expressing concern’, tsk-tsking in India’s direction against any reckless behaviors in their fascist takeover of Kashmir that already involves mass arrests, targeting children, rapes & sexual assaults, forced imprisonment in homes, indiscriminate use of pellet guns & rubber bullets, torture, disappearances & kidnappings. The EU may even get a naughty finger involved.

That’s why we know the emergent Kashmiri solidarity movement is the most vital, if not the only, defense the Kashmiri people have right now & cannot be underestimated. Without us, India would have a free hand to act without anyone even ‘taking notice’ of ‘expressing concern’, just like they did colonial rule in Kashmir for nearly 70 years.

Keep #StandingWithKashmir