Massive media coverage, including conservative media, is overwhelmingly critical of India’s genocidal & fascist siege of Kashmir. Media is a form of communication for capitalists worldwide, where they get information on what & where to invest. India had a political, almost stellar, reputation as a thriving democracy & for decades the occupation of Kashmir & caste oppression were among its dirty secrets. Now it stands exposed before the entire world as a fascist regime which doesn’t just persecute but has pogroms against Muslims & oppressed castes & is going full-throttle fascist against Kashmiris.

There are billions of dollars invested in India’s sweatshop & neoliberal policies which investors may feel are jeopardized by these new revelations. Militarism generally reflects economic crises. Not that capitalists give a damn about pogroms & persecution since capitalism is an amoral system; their economic & political interests are tied up with exploitation. The Rohingya genocide in Burma hasn’t stopped foreign investment in that country’s neoliberal bonanza. But political & economic pressure does have an impact, as we know from Israel’s frantic attempts to outlaw BDS around the world putting in jeopardy democracy & free speech everywhere. If we do succeed in organizing an economic boycott of India, along with BDS for Israel & the boycott of Burma being organized by Rohingya activists, that does present problems for capitalism in India & the countries it exports to as well as to Burma & Israel, both of which India has considerable military & economic entanglements with. We’re looking at a triple-whammy here. The more we think about it, the more compelling an economic boycott of India becomes imperative.