Dr. Upendra Kaul, a senior cardiologist & chairman of Batra Hospital in New Delhi, has been summoned by the National Investigative Agency (the NIA is the Indian equivalent of the US FBI) for his criticisms of the siege & blockade of Kashmir & the abrogation of Article 370. It isn’t reported what he said that was so offensive or in what form he said it. In the current political climate in India, it wouldn’t have to be much. But the scary thing is that the NIA is an agency of the Ministry of Home Affairs responsible for combatting terrorism in Indian & is under the leadership of Amit Shah, the BJP fascist who played a central role in the abrogation of Article 370 & in the genocide in Kashmir.

Democratic rights are in serious jeopardy in India itself, just as the US Bill of Rights is being challenged by the Trump regime, if massive action is not taken to defend Kashmir.

This is an interesting article about the Indian group Progressive Medicos and Scientists Forum who condemned the arrest of Kashmiri Dr. Omar Salim for speaking out about the healthcare crises caused by the blockade and are requesting permission to visit Kashmir on an investigative tour of healthcare conditions: