Some may think I take liberties when I criticize the lack of an anti-colonial movement for Kashmir in India. But as a builder & activist of the American antiwar movement since 1966, I understand the vital importance of an antiwar movement in staying the hand of US aggression. That’s why I am so lacerating & merciless about the corruption of the US antiwar movement into an Assadist & Stalinist cult supporting ‘self-determination for the Assad dictatorship’, cheering on Syrian & Russian bombing of civilians by claiming there are no civilians in Syria, & not holding a single protest against US wars in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Libya.

It’s a massive political problem for Indian democracy that there is no movement in defense of Kashmir & as an internationalist & supporter of Kashmiri self-determination, I don’t feel hesitancy about saying that. Because of the corruption of the international antiwar movement (it is not just a US phenomenon) & the daunting need to rebuild it, I well understand that the many Indian supporters of Kashmir cannot just will a mass movement into existence. But there needs to be an analysis by Indian activists of why this problem prevails. To overcome the problem, we first must understand it. That is not to deny the protests in India in support of Kashmiris but scattered actions do not a movement make.