An absolutely heartbreaking story of a Kashmiri man outside Kashmir trying to connect with his father in Kashmir who has dementia:

When I left home amid chaos, curfew I promised my father that I will be back in a day or two and he was happy. From seconds to hours to days to weeks passed but I couldn’t keep the promise.

After two weeks I got a call from the police station which in my case is 2 KMs away from home, from my mom and helplessly(selflessly) she said ‘They are fine’. I insisted that I wanted to talk to my father. On receiving phone he wasn’t able to recognize me at all. My father is suffering from Dementia but being always around he has a close bonding with me and recognizes me but now being away for a few weeks he couldn’t recognize me at all. And all of the conversations had to happen in 30 seconds only else they forcibly take phone and disconnect. I couldn’t even tell them if they have money or stock.

When I left home, I left as a son but I will be going as a stranger now.

All of you making fun, troll emotions of helpless fathers, wailing mothers, hapless sons, and daughters. You too will see something same in life. But we won’t be trolling making fun, giving analysis based on youtube videos from hyper national. Because we value Humans over nationalism.

This is the 25th day of the siege.

–Junaid Masoodi