“1984 saw a genocide of Sikhs and 2002 saw a genocide of Muslims. What happened in Kashmir in 1990 was nothing of the sort. There was no organised force of Kashmiri Muslims working against Pandits, and only the Indian State was hell-bent on getting them to leave Kashmir so it could massacre their Muslim compatriots, under conditions of a siege similar to the ongoing one. Even the phrase ‘Pandit killings’ is part of the demonisation of Kashmiri people as the slain Pandits (small in number compared to the number of Muslims massacred around the same time) were killed for the same reason that a much larger number of Muslims have also been killed by Kashmiri insurgents since. They were killed, irrespective of religious identity, for the roles they played in the machinery of Indian rule in Kashmir.”

–Indian activist Satyadeep Satya

Article from 2016 authored by Mehboob Makhdoomi.