It makes sense that Eva Bartlett is now in the Crimea on Putin’s behalf attempting to find evidence that there is no opposition to Russia’s 2014 occupation & annexation of the Crimea & if there is opposition that it is ‘jihadi terrorists’. That’s her schtick as a fascist & professional propagandist for the Assad dictatorship & Putin.

But Bartlett has an ally now in Trump who gave a press conference at the G7 in France lobbying for Russia to be invited back into the G7 after it was expelled for the annexation of the Crimea. He ignored the illegal occupation & annexation & in a deranged non sequitur blamed the expulsion on Obama who was “outsmarted” & “embarrassed” by the annexation & on Obama’s warning to Syria not to use chemical weapons against civilians.

Now, as one Kashmiri has asked, ‘if Russia was expelled from G7 for annexing Crimea, how on earth did Modi get invited to the G7 for doing the exact same thing to Kashmir’? When Trump has the only consistent policy on illegal occupation & annexation at the G7–seeing it as real estate deals rather than human rights & war crimes–isn’t to time to recognize that body for what it is? It’s an economic & political association of seven countries–Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK, & US, whose purpose is to deal with the antagonisms & crises of capitalism, not with human rights.