India probably hopes that if this barbaric blockade lasts long enough, media will move on to another news cycle, Kashmir will disappear from the headlines, Kashmiris outside Kashmir & Kashmiri supporters will tire of posting what little information we get, the #StandWithKashmir protests will end, & all the attention & furor will blow over. Piss their hopes away or file them under “fat chance.”

As we know from so much of the commentary, there are many who need to get up to speed on the history of the Kashmiri struggle for self-determination. There’s a whole library at the Jammu Kashmir Coalition of Civil Society website ( of reports & investigations they’ve done on forcible disappearances, torture, mass graves, & other such issues. We’ll keep posting those reports as well as articles on India’s use of pellet munitions, commentary from Kashmiri writers & journalists. There’s a lot of history for us to catch up on & we will keep posting it whether India likes it or not. They tried to silence the voices of Kashmiri resistance but they created an international chorus of solidarity. As has been said by quite a conservative journalist, ‘India has internationalized Kashmir’.