Indian real estate developers & other amoral vultures see only business opportunities in the colonial occupation of Kashmir. These creeps remind us of no one so much as the vultures who swooped down on the former USSR & Eastern Europe to cash in on the bonanza offered by political collapse which has led to the complete impoverishment of working people & the most thuggish forms of capitalism. That is exactly what they have planned for Kashmiris. This is a really scary news report. Standing with Kashmiris is imperative.

Opportunities In J&K Realty Market

Is there an early opportunity for property investors in Kashmir post revocation of 35A? Manisha Natarajan discusses whether it is foolhardy or super smart to venture into this uncharted territory with Anuj Puri of Anarock Property, Tarun Bhatia of NAR India and Jayshree Chandra of Zeus Law

Posted by CNBC-TV18 on Friday, August 23, 2019