“I got the most anticipated phone call from Srinagar!! The person on the other side of the phone was Parveenaji (Parveena Ahangar). The phone got disconnected twice before we could actually speak to each other. We cried, we gave virtual hugs to each other but most importantly she said I should communicate to everyone that they are doing fine. She told me that they have seen so much brutal suppression since 1990’s that this does not scare them and it cannot break their spirits. The roads and lanes are sealed with army checkpoints and she walked halfway to her brother’s place to make the call. The resisting, fighting spirit of kashmiri women in these times will be the most important marker for the new history of Kashmir that will be written soon. To hear these resilient voices after 18 days is the hope that we will have to live with for the next few months of vile political precarity.”

–Bhavneet Kaur