There are three-million Syrians, including 1.5 million children, living in Idlib today. Hundreds have been killed, thousands wounded, & at least 500,000 forcibly displaced by Syrian & Russian bombers & ground troops. The borders to Turkey & Jordan have been sealed to prevent refugees from entering & they are being forcibly returned to Syria by the Turkish & Lebanese governments.

Stinking rotten Assadist & former UN arms inspector Scott Ritter tweeted: “Political guilt refers to the responsibility of ordinary citizens for the actions of the government that they had supported or tolerated. There can be no doubt if you live in Idlib today, it is because you support or tolerate al-Qaeda.”

What an absolutely putrid lack of understanding & solidarity with those being bombed to smithereens by Syrian & Russian bombers. Ritter understands nothing about war, occupation, genocide. God help his rotten soul.