This is an important article about the mass arrests of political activists & leaders in Kashmir. One wishes media would stop including Mufti, Abdullah, & Faesal among the political prisoners since they remain collaborators & are just positioning themselves to emerge as misleaders if India continues to hold the real political leaders of the Kashmiri freedom struggle. They’re the same ilk as Palestinian Mahmoud Abbas & incapable of leading the struggle for #azaadi.

It’s extremely worrisome that India will not release the names, actual numbers of arrestees, or where they are detained. The entire purpose is to behead & disorient the struggle for independence since forging an uncompromising, authoritative, capable leadership is extremely difficult. That’s why colonizers have always assassinated so many of our most brilliant & uncompromising leaders in the US, Africa, Latin America, Asia, the Middle East.

A central demand of our protests & campaigns, & hopefully a boycott of Indian products, must be ‘free all Kashmiri political prisoners’. It will certainly be a central demand for Kashmiris.