When Indian media denounced the London protesters yesterday as ‘Pakistani thugs, hooligans & former terrorists’ who “threw eggs, glass bottles, shoes, plastic bottles of water, lighters, bananas, batteries, potatoes, hot coffee, their own placards, & apples,” no one could find any confirmation or evidence of that. But then we didn’t expect to. People who protest war, occupation, genocide are a serious, committed lot, not hooligans. Maybe Indian media meant this threatening-looking woman at the Tokyo #StandWithKashmir rally yesterday shaking her shoe as an insult at the Indian Embassy. The embassy staff must have been terrorized by her gesture of contempt.

Indian propagandists are truly a pathetic lot but then such tripe plays well with the crowd they’re appealing to. Know the type well from watching videos of Trump rallies. Nationalism is a low-brow ideology.

(Photo from Asif Mushtaq)