Fascist, Assadist, & Islamophobe Eva Bartlett has posted some favorable comments on the Kashmiri struggle. Tulsi Gabbard’s Hindutva nationalism never bothered Bartlett until Gabbard called Assad a brutal dictator who used chemical weapons against Syrians. That’s when she turned on Gabbard, unlike most Assadists & Tariq Ali who is still promoting Gabbard on his wall. Bartlett’s primary propagandistic role is to support autocratic regimes & denounce popular protests as orchestrated by undercover operatives from the CIA & Mossad to bring about “US regime-change operations.” She’s presently in Russia denouncing those protests as organized by the nefarious forces of democracy. For a long time, Assadists have denounced the Kashmiri struggle, as they do the Rohingya & Uyghur struggles against genocide, as other cases of ‘Wahabi jihadism’.

Since Bartlett is a professional propagandist, we should soon enough see a shift in her attitude toward Kashmir because RT, one of her employers, has published a rancid piece by Indian nationalist Sreeram Chaulia titled “Operation Kashmir: Has Modi checkmated Pakistan?” making such statements as: “Over time, the halfway house existence of Kashmir as a state within India & yet a nation that does not emotionally belong to India failed to meet both India’s objectives & Kashmiri Muslims’ aspirations. Waves of anti-India uprisings & insurgencies, supported from across the border by Pakistan, kept Kashmir burning. Autonomy had become a slippery slope for separatism, jihadist extremism & alienation of Kashmiri Muslims from the rest of India.” To cover her ass in a propaganda shift, Bartlett will discover the hidden strain of ‘Wahabi jihadism’ in Kashmir that will allow her to shift allegiances openly to the Modi regime which is the natural habitat of all fascists.