“Tomorrow will be Eid for the rest of the world except us. It’s been more than a week that I haven’t heard from my loved ones.It Hurts to see people celebrating our agony, pain and sufferings. Celebrating a mother being kept away from her son and a father being kept away from his daughter. We are left with nothing but the hope that they’ll be alright. We’re left with nothing but anger in our hearts. We will remember, we will remember how our freedom was snatched away and we were left to feel like our lives are being controlled by the people whom we don’t even know or have ever met with, who we have even never talked to and whose families we don’t even know, but still, they keep us away from our families on this Eid. Yes, we will never forgive or forget them for their cruelty, oppression and subjugation. Our tears and sighs are only keeping this fire with in us burning. They may take our homes, our lands and kill us, harm us and try to break us by making lewd and misogynic remarks against our women but they will never be able to lower our heads down in slavery. They’ll never be able to snatch us off our dignity. They’ll never be able to break our spirit. Sooner or later we all have to die and the world will be taken over by another generation. They’ll remember you and they’ll remember us, the difference will be this that you’ll be remembered for all the wrong reasons and we’ll be remembered for the Right Ones!

–Mirza Jahanzeb Beg