Because of the telecommunications lockdown in Kashmir, it’s very hard to know which photos, videos, & media reports are reliable. We don’t have resident Kashmiris on social media to confirm for us what is real & have to rely on Kashmiris outside Kashmir based on their familiarity with events. There are foreign & Indian reporters in Kashmir who, according to this article, are filing very different accounts of what is happening. What we do know from reliable accounts is that there are scattered protests including the one of thousands yesterday, the Indian Army is using excessive force against them, including with pellet guns & rubber bullets, & that despite the massive repression of human, democratic, & civil rights, the Kashmiri spirit of #Azaadi is undaunted.

Our commitment is to remain steadfast & continue to organize a #StandWithKashmir political response demanding India immediately & unconditionally withdraw all its troops & immediately release all Kashmiri political prisoners.