We haven’t received full reports back from the #StandWithKashmir rallies. Videos from one friend show the NYC rally had several hundred protesters & in McAllen we had about 30, which is impressive for an emergency call in an area with relatively few protests. There were Kashmiris, Pakistanis, one activist from the anti-border wall & immigrant rights struggle, one Imam who helped organize the Rohingya solidarity rally, & others who fully understand what is going on in Kashmir. From meeting each other at this protest we may be organizing a public forum for students to understand the importance of the Kashmiri freedom struggle.

There are other protests in Europe & the US today & we encourage others to organize emergency rallies if you can. Once again, if there are mosques or student groups in your area, contacting them is the easiest way. Don’t be afraid to stand alone with a placard since it was one lone Palestinian protester against the 1967 War who drew me into Palestinian solidarity. You never know who you will reach with one placard demanding India get out of Kashmir.