A few years ago, after reading articles about Indian hydroelectric projects in Kashmir, I asked Kashmiris to discuss that here on Facebook. They collectively presented volumes of information about India’s economic exploitation of Kashmir, including but not only hydroelectric power for India. Opposition to Kashmiri self-determination is not just a real estate matter. In that regard, this comment by Jairus Banaji in his piece today on Kashmir should be highlighted: “A facebook friend commented that the annexation of Kashmir has been driven by “a desire to put Muslims in their place and have them crawl before their Hindu masters” (comment by Amitabha Pande). To this one might add that the true target of Kashmir’s subsumption into what is rapidly becoming a Hindu state is Article 35A, because that is widely perceived as a hindrance to “freeing” the resources of the Valley and to its unfettered economic exploitation (euphemisically called “vikas”) by powerful business interests linked to the present government.”