Long before India’s current military onslaught, Kashmiri journalists have been fighting against political repression. One photojournalist came home one day to find Indian soldiers had surrounded & vandalized his home & terrorized his wife & small child. In August 2018, Aasif Sultan was arrested in a home raid & is still sitting in jail charged with “complicity” in “harboring known terrorists.” Others have been threatened, harassed, censored on social media. Journalists have held rallies demanding a free press but have to self-censor in order not to land up in prison on false charges. Now under the siege they have been completely silenced & there is every reason to be concerned about their safety. Even if they are not arrested under this martial law situation, they will be courting danger if they continue to do their work (which is one of the most dangerous occupations in the world unless you’re in the pay of the Assad regime or embedded with an army) when the siege is lifted.