It is reported today that so far over 100 political leaders & activists have been arrested in Kashmir, according to a senior J&K official. Former chief ministers Mehbooba Mufti & Omar Abdullah are under arrest but cannot be considered representatives of the Kashmiri struggle for #azaadi because of their lifelong collaboration with Indian colonialism & occupation. Under Abdullah’s tenure, pellet munitions against unarmed protesters were introduced & under Mufti’s tenure they were used to injure, disfigure, blind, kill thousands of Kashmiris, including children. Kashmiri anthropologist Ather Zia has pointed out that Mufti’s home is a former interrogation center which she had redone as a bungalow. Mufti & Abdullah are acting out a political farce to emerge as political leaders of a resistance that will collaborate with Indian colonialism & compromise the struggle for independence.