This very powerful image is from December 15, 2018 when Indian occupying forces opened fire at unarmed Kashmiris (in the Pulwama district about 45 km south of Srinagar) marching toward the site where three militants had been killed in a hunt to kill operation. Eleven Kashmiri civilians died & over 200 were injured. Medical personnel treating the victims said all of the injuries were to the head, abdomen, & neck, proving the occupying army intended to kill the civilian protesters.

Nationalism is so corrupting & hateful that in response to this photo, a Hindutva creep posted a cartoon depiction of independence leader Syed Ali Geelani manhandling a small child, with the inscription: “The dangerous teacher in Kashmir: terrorism plus stone pelting equals azadi.” Hindutva nationalism, Zionism, Assadism are on a continuum of political amorality that dehumanizes the oppressed. It’s a fatal amorality if not silenced by political power, as the US Civil Rights Movement demonstrated so powerfully.

This photo is a Kashmiri woman grieving over a civilian during his funeral prayers at Prichoo village in the Pulwama district.

(Photo by Javed Dar/Xinhua)