A voice from the Syrian Arab Spring:

-mock victims and say they deserve it
-cheer for airstrikes and “nuking Idlib”
-claim everything is staged
-tell Syrians to “do their research”

“What research? My uncle was thrown in Assad’s prison for months for no reason and my cousins along with him. He rotted away in Assad’s dungeons with no space for him to even stand only bend his knees and crouch in a corner with bugs constantly crawling all over him and feeding on his skin and blood. It came to the point where he didnt even bother to flick them away. My uncle is a man who took care of his body, always been athletic, yet when he was released after months he was nothing but a skeleton. I dont even know the extent of the mental and physical torture he went through.

“One of my other cousins imprisoned was in Sednaya, the most notorious for its utter brutality and we dont even know if he’s still alive or not. What freaking research are you talking about shut your damn mouth. Its our own families and people who are dying. I’m tired. Leave us alone, you’re not Syrian, what do you want from us??? Go away cease to exist already.”

–From القهر on Twitter