If you don’t live under military occupation like Palestinians, Kashmiris, & Uyghur, you don’t really understand how pervasive a system it is. It isn’t just the presence of troops, roadblocks, check points, surveillance, home invasions, home destructions, bodily searches, forcible disappearances, arrests, torture, incarceration on framed up charges, rape, constant harassment but that there is no legal recourse to stand against any of this. If you attempt to take legal action, for example, if the Kashmiri men who were unjustly imprisoned for 23 years took legal action, they would almost certainly face retribution even worse than imprisonment.

Our response, as advocates of human rights, must be to educate broadly about what is going on & begin to build an active international movement to stand with Palestinians, Kashmiris, Uyghur, & others. The more we allow them to take the brunt & stand on the front lines of oppression without our solidarity, the more likely we will be confronting it in our own countries. But above all, the iron law of social transformation is an injury to one of us is an injury to all. Muslims have a more beautiful & poetic way of saying no human being is alien to us.