“many kashmiris are dead uncomfortable with feminism in all its forms, good or bad, that is quite telling, and therefore, nothing should be done to mitigate this discomfort. this discomfort is good, as it will pave way for deeper thinking, which may lead to the realisation that our fight against colonial oppression cannot be divorced from the oppression of women within our homes, workplaces, streets and everywhere. for a healthy internal debate on this, indians, irrespective of political views, should stay away, and if they don’t we are quite capable of elbowing them out, vehemently. we have nothing to learn from them, they must put their own house in order and we should not allow them to relish these important debates in kashmir to further their own saviour agenda.”

–Mir Laieeq

(I’m not posting this to intrude into the debate on feminism among Kashmiris but because it’s such an excellent statement of the relationship between women’s oppression & the broader struggles against war, occupation, genocide.)