Since sarcasm is such a powerful weapon of political resistance, it’s worthwhile to repost these comments from last year mocking the patronizing social media campaign called “Talk to a Muslim” to address the murderous pogroms & murders of Indian Muslims:

Shuja Kosher: “I know many Indian Muslims who are proud Indians. They must be overjoyed that someone will finally talk to them before killing them.”

Sarwar Baig: “Look at him. Feisty little fellow, isn’t he? Observe the dense tufts of hair on his cheeks and chin. Look at the obscenely garish mehendi in his beard. Don’t get too close to the cage now. Don’t feed him. The fence is electrified for a reason. See that bulge under his bright tunic? That’s his explosive vest. Careful now. Go on. Talk to the katua.”

Puneet Maini: “India has now entered that phase where eating with Dalits and talking to Muslims are considered revolutionary acts.”