This article is about satellite imagery showing forced labor in Uyghur concentration camps. Satellite imagery was also used by Human Rights Watch in Arakan state, Burma to monitor the Burmese genocide of Rohingya. It’s very hard with such technology for governments to claim they don’t know what is going on in conflict zones. The same technology is certainly available for Syria & if published could lay to rest all Assadist claims of justified slaughter. But in so many ways, obfuscation is essential to war, occupation, genocide. The US isn’t engaged in a Syrian “regime change operation” but its obfuscations have destroyed the last vestiges of the antiwar movement & left only a pro-war cult in its place so that there is no antiwar movement to oppose its several wars.

Satellite imagery can play a technological role in understanding political realities. Social media is another way Uyghur, Kashmiri, Palestinian, Rohingya, Syrians, Sudanese, & so many others have brought their freedom struggles to international attention for human rights supporters.