Will the journal Counterpunch, which has become a cesspool of Assadist writings, continue to publish the fascist droppings of Paul Craig Roberts now that he came out openly as a supporter of Hitler & a hateful Jewish genocide denier? Roberts’ role as whipped puppy to the Assad dictatorship never bothered the editors of Counterpunch so it’s an open question if they will still take this creep’s writings or consign him to Global Research & Mint Press where all Assad propagandists wind up when they’ve disgraced themselves beyond redemption. Blumenthal, Norton, & Khaled are popping out pod casts to salvage their careers after they hopped on the runaway train of the Islamophobic & anti-Semitic ‘war on terror’. There’s no political future in sucking up to dictators & genocide if you want to be part of ending war, occupation, genocide.

According to Roberts’ recent article titled “The Lies about WWII,” Hitler & the Nazi party are among the most ‘demonized entities’ in human history, “Hitler was a man of the people” who had nothing to do with the Nazi holocausts which Roberts claims were actually carried out by “German political administrators” & “Jewish Bolshevik administrators.” The death camps were just work camps though Roberts doesn ‘t explain why Jews, Roma, the disabled, homosexuals, socialists, were forced to live in them or why so many died in them. The crematoriums were only to ‘dispose’ of those who died from typhus or other diseases in those ‘work camps’, not to exterminate millions of Jews just for being Jewish, Roma just for being Roma, disabled just for being disabled, homosexuals just for being homosexual, or socialists just for opposing fascism.