For a few years, I lived in a house with mold toxicity & developed chronic respiratory & sinus problems–primarily a catarrhal condition. My doctor, who dismisses the mold toxicity, has tried different medications, mostly allergy medicines & something that made my teeth turn green, & nothing has worked in now almost two years. Consultations with Chinese herbalists & acupuncturists has not helped. Knowing catarrhal conditions lead to more serious health issues, I realized if this would be solved, I would have to do investigative work on my own.

In my explorations, I’ve come across the book “Toxic: Heal Your Body from Mold Toxicity, Lyme disease, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, & Chronic Environmental Illness” by Neil Nathan, MD. Dr. Nathan & his wife both suffered from mold toxicity. His book is very scientific because the maladies are very complex & he lays out the whole field of new medical science in dealing with these health issues. He talks about the Shoemaker Protocol of Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker & the protocols of other pioneers in this field. You can go to Dr. Shoemaker’s web site & find a whole cornucopia of sources, including doctors in the US trained specifically to deal with these health issues.

I report this because I know many suffer from these same issues, sometimes without knowing the source of their symptoms. A friend who also suffers mold toxicity issues recommends “Mold: the War Within” by Kurt & Lee Ann Billings.