My part-time job is working for an agency as a home health care provider. One has to have a personal relationship with the person you’re working with since you’re often discussing their bowel movements & other intimate things. But that personal aspect can create problems & confusions. It is primarily my employment, not a personal friendship & although I’m willing to go out of my way on my own time to help them, I am not willing to become a free errand running service. The agency pays me for a set number of hours, no overtime allowed.

The woman I work with, who has substantial means, asked me on my day off to help her out. I had to bathe, dress, & groom her, drive her to the doctor, maneuver with her wheelchair, & run a series of errands. All of which took nearly five hours. When it was time for me to leave & her to pay me, she handed me $25 when I was owed over $50, as though she were tipping me rather than paying my wage. I am scrupulous in accounting for all her monies that go through my hands & I expect the same honesty from her so I decided it was worth the risk of losing the job rather than allow her to take advantage of me. I texted her explaining that the agency paid me $10.50 per hour so she had inadvertently shorted me. When I went to work today, she made no offer to pay me the money & made me ask for it. When I did, she scolded me that next time she asks me for help, I should specify that it is at the agency rate. I responded that it will always be at the agency rate. She was not confusing friendship with employment but trying to pull a fast one. And you wonder what the hell people get out of trying to take advantage of someone for what to her is chump change.