The US blames Iran for the tanker attacks without a single shred of evidence. Assadists & other anti-Semites blame Mossad for the attacks without a single shred of evidence. See how conspiracy thinking works? It’s more boogieman stuff than politics. They deserve each other politically. It’s US military aggression facing the most pathetic weak-kneed political opposition it has seen since Assadists & other halfwits began to dominate politics. They will ride a crest for a while, taking flakes & guppies with them, but racism, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, & theoretical debasement will eventually catch up with them & they will end up writng hack for Mint Press, Global Research, Sputnik, RT, one of their other journalistic fronts or doing podcasts that no one listens to accept to hear Rania Khaled & Ben Norton make asses of themselves sending up alarms about those ‘Salafi-jihadi terrorists.’ No one to feel sorry for here. They deserve the oblivion they are limping into.