This story of this small Palestinian girl resonates with me quite personally. At the age of four, my younger sister Yvonne had to be hospitalized for nephritis, a kidney disorder which had been improperly diagnosed. She was a stubborn child & resisted hospitalization by refusing to eat or speak to my parents or us. My parents promised her that if she ate, she would get better & they could bring her home but unknown to them she was at an advanced stage of illness & was dying. She was so distraught that she could not go home that she continued to refuse food & turned her head when any of us entered the room. I don’t tell this story to solicit sympathy since that was in 1952, a very long time ago, but to make the experience of this little Palestinian child–her sadness, anger, confusion, fear–more immediate, & the criminality of the Israeli state as detestable as it was.