Had to bounce a longtime friend for posting an article titled “Satanic Zionism, the Scourge of our Planet” from a website that posted articles trying to prove that “Hitler & National Socialism have been misrepresented.” It does not serve justice for Palestinians or their supporters to associate with fascists & their guppies because they already claim the loyalties of the best of humanity & will never have use for the deranged dregs.

A whole army of David Icke guppies, led by Assadists Eva Bartlett (who edited one of his journals) & Vanessa Beeley, along with other fascists & white supremacists like KKK creep David Duke, have tapped into a current of anti-Semites drawn to the Palestinian movement as a way to get at Jews. These political lowlifes play into the hands of Zionism by conflating the struggle against it with hatred for Jews. In politics you have to learn to work with people you detest & disagree with but that will never ever include those who hate on others & associate with progressive causes only to advance their hatred.